Sugar Consumption

The beauty of sugar is the quick energy it gives, but it can also be an issue for those trying to lose weight or maintain their current weight. Many dietary programs frown upon snacks using refined sugar. They may suggest eating fruit instead for something sweet, but natural sugar in fruits varies. Knowing some of the fruits with the high content could help balance out a healthy diet while providing something for a sweet tooth. Avoiding or at least limiting those fruits with the highest sugar content could be important.

Grapes are often a treat found across the globe, but they have a very high sugar content. Worse are the raisins they become when they are dried. Dried fruits concentrate sugar, so they may be one of the worst ways to satisfy a sweet craving. Mixing grapes with other fruits that have less natural sugar could be a good way to feel satisfied without getting too much sugar.

Apples have long been touted as a healthy snack, yet they contain plenty of sugar. Eating one a day may not be recommended for all diets, but it might be a good idea to include one in a fruit salad for the entire family. Keeping the serving of this versatile fruit low can keep the sugar portion of a healthy diet in a positive balance while providing other essential nutrients that will keep the body active.

Figs are a fruit that has been a dietary staple in many cultures since ancient times. It is a wonderful way to have a sweet snack with few concerns. Well, perhaps not because it is high in natural sugars. While there is plenty of sweetness in this wonderful fruit, mixing it with other ingredients for sweet or savoury dishes could be the best way to enjoy it without balancing the sugar scales in the wrong direction.